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Resosun 6 String Electric Acoustic Baritone Guitar

Behold a bold Next Step in the resophonic revolution.
Here’s an electric acoustic resonator guitar with a host of distinctive features, starting with its extra long scale length (26.75'').

Tuned as much as a perfect fifth below standard tuning (far below most open tunings), the baritone’s extended scale opens up a rich range of resophonic tonal frontiers. Exploring their depths is an adventure made elegant by a sleek Finnish aspen body detailed with perforated chrome-plated steel sides and a striking leaf gold-plated resonator cover plate adorned with sun beam sound holes! Thanks to its National-style cone, this beauty delivers forcefully as an acoustic resophonic guitar, but gains extra bite when plugged in. Versoul’s magnetic single coil pickup delivers your message, loud and clear. If you desire a more purely organic amplified sound, an AKG C411 PP contact condenser microphone is fitted at the heart of the instrument’s acoustic pulse, on the cone under the biscuit bridge. The AKG C411 PP uses an XLR output jack with a Phantom power supply adapter in the jack. The Versoul pickup has a standard output jack, so you have the choice of utilizing both amplification sources simultaneously or solely the one of your preference. No less important than sound and appearance is playability, and that’s expertly delivered by a gorgeous East Indian rosewood fingerboard (16” radius), ample width at the nut (44.5 mm), and the extended scale length (26.75”) that lets you go deep as you dive into the baritone frontier. Finger style and slide guitarists, here’s a superbly `user friendly’ addition to your musical arsenal.

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