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Resosun 12 String Electric Acoustic Baritone Guitar

Please don’t call this the best of both worlds,’ since myriad guitar design worlds merge here. Resonator guitars are rarely 12-strings, nor electrics, nor baritones. This isall of the above,’ and the sky’s the limit in terms of the musical possibilities to be explored.

First, this is a resonator guitar with a National-style cone, delivering assertive sound without amplification. This is also a 12-string, offering the octave ring and slight out-of-phase sound that make 12-strings so magical. It’s a baritone guitar, so its extra long scale length (26.75'') makes it possible to tune as much as a perfect fifth below standard tuning (far below most open tunings). Finally, this is an electric acoustic guitar, so when you need more volume than our cone can deliver, Versoul’s magnetic single coil pickup gets your message emphatically across. If you want a more organic amplified sound, an AKG C411 PP contact condenser microphone is fitted at the heart of the instrument’s acoustic pulse, under the biscuit bridge on the cone. The AKG C411 PP uses an XLR output jack with a Phantom power supply adapter in the jack. The Versoul pickup has a standard output jack, so you have the choice of utilizing both amplification sources simultaneously or solely the one of your preference. All this sonic potential dwells in a sleek Finnish aspen body detailed with perforated chrome-plated steel sides and a striking leaf gold-plated resonator cover plate adorned with sun beam sound holes! Does it play as well as it sounds and looks? Answering in the affirmative are a gorgeous East Indian rosewood fingerboard (16” radius) and a nut that’s generously wide (46.5 mm) to allow for the extra space occupied by those paired strings. Finger style and slide guitarists especially are apt to find this to be a very `user friendly’ instrument. Ergonomics and elegance are abundant in this original blend of disparate guitar design threads. The goal? To inspire and enable you to explore unmapped musical directions via an instrument that’s off the charts.

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