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Consider our assumptions challenged. Resonator guitars are for old blues; 12-strings are for “Walk Right In”-style `feel good’ folk, right? Well, that was then; this is Now. Versoul’s Reso Sun 12-string electric acoustic resonator guitar is an entirely new instrument designed to inspire music as yet unmade by either resonator or 12-string guitars.

What’s to inspire here? Consider its elegant economy of line, a body shaped from Finnish aspen and augmented by perforated chrome-plated steel sides--dazzling! We’re a far cry from the world of old dreadnaught 12s or vintage resophonics. But this is definitely a resonator guitar, and its National-style cone delivers forcefully as a purely acoustic instrument. Plug it in and Versoul’s magnetic single coil pickup delivers your message, loud and clear. If you desire a more purely organic amplified sound, an AKG C411 PP contact condenser microphone is fitted at the heart of the instrument’s acoustic pulse, on the cone under the biscuit bridge. The AKG C411 PP uses an XLR output jack with a Phantom power supply adapter in the jack. The Versoul pickup has a standard output jack, so you have the choice of utilizing both amplification sources simultaneously or solely the one of your preference. Whether you choose dual amplification modes or playing entirely unplugged, the sound of this 12-string resonator guitar is exceptional. It’s supremely playable, too, thanks to its gorgeous East Indian rosewood fingerboard (16” radius), extra width at the nut (46.5 mm) to facilitate navigating the extra strings, and extended scale length, 25 3/4'' (654 mm). Fingerpicking and slide guitarists discover it’s a highly `user friendly’ addition to their musical arsenal. And like every Versoul, it looks every bit as good as it plays and sounds: Behold its striking leaf gold-plated resonator cover, across which sound holes suggestive of sun beams dance!

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