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Versoul Fuzz Pedal

The new Versoul Fuzz pedal offers a rich variety of specially tuned Fuzz tones, from smooth overdriven sounds to a saturated wall of fuzz with massive sustain.

Each pedal is equipped with 3pcs hand selected NOS GT404 Germanium transistors that were produced in the former USSR. This component has a unique lo-fi flavor in audio use-- it adds a hint of metallic chime and character to distorted fuzz sound. Extensive research and development was devoted to transistor matching and biasing so that the sound is as balanced and easily controlled as possible. While playing, you can easily adjust the amount of the distortion with just lowering your guitar’s volume level knob. The Versoul Fuzz pedal will perform superbly with all types of passive guitar microphones and tube technology guitar amplifiers. Each pedal is carefully measured and ear tuned by experienced Fuzz builder J.Paasonen.