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Swan 4 String Electric Fretless Bass

Stylish understatement may be the visual message here, but there’s far more going on than at first meets the eye. That’s because of Versoul’s deep commitment to design innovation, optimizing sound and playability while offering artists creative input into the instruments they play.

You may choose a top, back and sides of either solid Finnish aspen or alder, both superb tonewoods. There’s also the option of a two-piece Finnish curly birch top. The neck (40 mm at the nut) is two pieces of hard rock maple glued in, and the East Indian rosewood fingerboard has a 9.5” radius. The flat back and long scale length (34”) add a lot to the punchy clarity of this instrument. Balanced across its entire tonal range, there’s no need to fear muddy low E string notes or any G string dead notes, the bane of many basses. Everything is dynamic and expressively alive on this highly playable hollow body bass, thanks to the top tier materials, craftsmanship, and pickups: a Versoul Humbucker and a Schertler Lydia acoustic undersaddle transducer and preamp. Versoul’s Swan 4 bass is available in both fretted and fretless models. The fretless instrument’s subtle tonal character is especially well voiced by the Schertler transducer.

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