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Swan 6 String Electric Acoustic Baritone Guitar

Here’s a design for which Kari Nieminen shares credit with the organization which requested he make the custom prototype, Musiikin Edistämissäätiö (the Finnish Music Foundation). That first Swan 6 Baritone is now part of the instrument collection of Musiikin Edistämissäätiö. While this may be a museum quality instrument, it’s one that really wants to be played, and for very good reason.

It blends the best qualities of a traditional archtop guitar with unique features only found in a Versoul instrument. Consider the advanced laminated curly maple top and back and solid curly maple sides, specially braced to deliver that warm yet bright sonority of a classic archtop. Bring to that an extended scale length (26.75”) to create baritone depth. How deep? You can tune as low as A to A! Despite its extra length, this instrument is surprisingly lightweight and superbly balanced for playability—it’s not neck heavy.’ The graceful neck (this is a swan, after all) is quarter sawn curly aspen and curly maple and offers two adjustable truss rods. The East Indian rosewood fingerboard is maple bound, and multiple wood bindings deliver both beauty and strength. Retro chic and creative innovation partner here: Versoul’s uniquely shaped headstock, crowned by a 23-carat leaf goldmidnight sun,’ blends the new and Nordic with a nod to the classic in Grover Imperial chrome-plated tuners. We’ve kept the voluptuous body shape beloved by Duane Eddy (among others) but added some bold new touches: you can’t miss our Googie-style batwing/boomerang sound holes. Versoul’s trademark pickups (single coil and humbucker) bring this to rumbling life as an electric. The warm finish is vintage amber-colored nitrocellulose lacquer. The bridge is a Gotoh tuneomatic. The pickguard is tortoise shell, and completing its rebel-rousing potential is a Bigsby B3 vibrato arm. Add flat wound strings and you’ve got a richly resonant instrument that can easily echo the classic baritone sounds of the `60s or create as yet unheard tones of tomorrow.

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