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Baby Swan 6 String Electric Acoustic Guitar

Bigger isn’t always better. Versoul’s new scaled-down version of its flagship Swan electric acoustic delivers all the terrific features of its bigger brother in a more compact package.

So what sets a Baby Swan apart from, well, ugly ducklings?
Generally, electric acoustic guitars are made of plywood, especially smaller models. Not surprisingly, plywood acoustic electrics deliver a thin sound with very limited sustain. Versoul’s Baby Swan sports a back and solid sides of curly maple and a slightly curved European spruce top. The top and back are nearly as thin as those of an acoustic guitar, though the top is braced heavier with two major bars running the same direction as the strings.
Baby Swan’s body size is akin to that of a classical guitar, its upper width 285 mm, it lower width 368 mm. Its body depth is 65 mm. Double bolts secure the bolt-on neck, made of sturdy aspen-maple-aspen construction. The fingerboard, with its 25.4” scale, is East Indian rosewood. There are two Versoul single coil or humbucker pickups with Versoul’s distinctive pickup covers. Two volume controls and one master tone knob tune the sound output. For twang devotees there is a classic Bigsby B7 vibrato arm. The high quality tuners are Gotoh 510 series models. Factor in the cutaway, pickguard, abalone fret markers, and Versoul’s distinctive boomerang f-holes, and you’ve got one exceptionally cool-looking little guitar.
But the sound is the paramount priority in the Baby Swan concept. The combination of its compact size with acoustically resonant solid woods and the right bracing creates an instrument that very much holds its own alongside bigger acoustic electrics. Baby Swan delivers sustain and a dynamic range you simply don’t expect from a compact acoustic electric. Whether you play jazz, blues, or rockabilly, Versoul’s Baby Swan will up your game in a very user-friendly package.

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