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Buxom 12 String Classical Baritone Guitar

Versoul’s BUXOM CLASSICAL BARITONE 12 boldly goes where no classical guitar has dared go before. Early Baroque-era guitars had double courses of strings, but their diminutive size limited their sound. Modern 12 strings are rarely ever classical, and the extended scale and range of a baritone guitar makes this a truly unique instrument.

Why? Because it blends the warmth of a traditional classical guitar with the depth of a baritone (C to C tuning recommended) and the bright assertiveness of a 12 string (unlike those double course Baroque guitars, this has octave strings). It’s an open invitation to creative guitarists to explore sonic textures not available by means of more conventional instruments.
Like all Versoul baritones, the scale is 26.75”. The body size is Minor (mini jumbo) made with selected solid red cedar top and selected European curly maple back and sides. If preferred, the back and sides may be made from East Indian rosewood. The fingerboard is made from East Indian rosewood, its width designed with both the preference of classical guitarists and the need of 12 string guitarists in mind. There is wide spacing at the bridge to facilitate fingerstyle playing of all sorts, and the width is 52 mm at the nut. The neck is aspen-maple-aspen. The Gotoh SE701 tuners make it possible to tie the string to the post.
Unique Versoul appointments include gold leaf decorations, a gold leaf rosette, the distinctive Versoul headstock, and our bolt-on neck. Our goal is for every guitar to look as good as it sounds, and, in this case, to sound unlike anything else!

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