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Kenny Burrell Jazz Model 12 String Acoustic Guitar

It’s not every day you encounter a 12-string guitar designed to deliver jazz! But while Kenny Burrell is rarely associated with either 12-string or even acoustic guitars, this unique instrument was designed specifically to his painstaking specifications.

Like his namesake companion Versoul 6-string, this instrument offers a sharp cutaway to access the fingerboard’s highest frets, lending it a distinctive look. That’s a feature deeply enhanced by the striking blue sunburst spruce top, complemented by back and sides of the finest East Indian rosewood. The choice woods and Versoul’s trademark top tier craftsmanship bring out the absolute sonic best in this instrument. The other essential quality, playability, is no less present, thanks to a comfortable body size, sleek neck and a fingerboard with adequate string spacing. This could add a bold new color to the jazz guitar palette. Natural sounding amplification is offered by a Schertler Lydia transducer and pre-amp.

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