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If you think an acoustic 12-string has to be a big booming dreadnaught, think again! Here’s a focused and full voiced 12-string in a very user-friendly body size. This O Model size 12 isn’t short on sound, delivered with crystal clarity. No muddy bass notes wash over your treble lines here.

How can a 12 this compact command sound so compelling? The answer lies in Versoul’s painstaking attention to design that optimizes acoustics and ergonomics. The long scale (25 3/4" or even 26") and special bracing bring out the guitar’s full potential. The large soundhole also plays a part in its exceptional voice, as does the 12 frets to the body neck joint. The bolt-on neck is aspen-maple-aspen, guaranteeing strength, stability, and tone. The East Indian rosewood fingerboard is a dream to play, and there’s none of the problem common of many 12s of too many strings occupying too little real estate. The neck is 48 mm at the nut and the spacing at the bridge is likewise generous. The result? An instrument of equal excellence for fingerstyle guitarists and chordal plectrum players. So don’t let its diminutive size fool you: for dynamic range, tone and even volume, Versoul’s Baby Buxom 12 stands alongside the best and biggest 12s without the drawback of unwelcome bass bleed muddying its sonic waters.

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