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The Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood bought two Versoul guitars late 2003, Buxom and Henry (gold leaf top). Ronnie added to his Versoul collection with Resosun and Raya 6 Baritone guitars in autumn 2004.

Photo credit: Bjornulf Vik / IORR-org.

Ronnie ordered his second Raya 6 Baritone from The Rolling Stones' Big Bang Tour in October 2005. In April 2006 Ronnie bought a Raya 12 Baritone and in the Spring of 2007, Ronnie got his hands on Raya Blue Lite, which he used on the Stones’ Bigger Bang Tour, summer 2007.

Versouls are now part of the machinery of the guitarist of the band that defined Rock´n´Roll as we know it.

Versoul celebrated Ronnie Wood's 60th birthday on June 1st, 2007. Kari Nieminen and guitar tech guru Alan Rogan met Ronnie Wood at his home in Richmond, London. During the visit Ronnie bought his ninth Versoul: a Buxom 12-string Baritone Acoustic guitar, and received another as a gift: a Versoul Buxom 12-string Custom guitar.

The Rolling Stones celebrated their 50th Anniversary in 2012, and Ronnie’s Versoul Raya Blue Lite was a major part of the band's concerts at O2 Arena in London in November and in US shows in Brooklyn and Newark.
Ronnie opened the shows with his Raya Blue Lite guitar on ''Get Off of My Cloud'' and continued on two encores:
''Jumpin’ Jack Flash'' & ''Satisfaction.''



Legendary guitarist, singer and songwriter Billy F Gibbons of ZZ Top
purchased his first Versoul Raya Blue Light guitar in autumn 2007.

Immediately after he ordered two more Raya Blue Light guitars with custom features: chambered bodies with extra bindings and purflings and necks completely covered with gold leaf.

Billy named his model the Versoul Raya Billy F Gibbons Blue Light Special. In summer 2009 Billy ordered a Baritone 6 string version of Raya Billy F. Gibbons Blue Light Special model with a vibrato bar. During ZZ Top's visit to Finland in July 2010, Billy bought his fifth Blue Light guitar, which he christened the Versoul Blue Raya Black Beauty.


The Who's guitarist and principal songwriter Pete Townsend has two Versoul Buxom Acoustic Guitars.

In 2012 I received great news from London: Pete Townshend's longtime guitar technician Alan Rogan informed me that I could include Pete at Versoul Artist Gallery.

Alan bought two Versoul Acoustic Guitars for Pete: Buxom 12 String and Buxom 12 String Baritone in July 2007 when The WHO was performing in Helsinki.


On December 6, 2003, Versoul was proud to present the Kenny Burrell Jazz Model Steel String Acoustic Guitars.

To every guitar player in the world, Kenny Burrell´s accomplishments are humbling reading: Starting in 1951, he was featured on recordings in the company of a pantheon of immortal jazz legends: Billie Holiday, Dizzy Gillespie, John Coltrane, Louis Armstrong, Chet Baker, Coleman Hawkins, Stan Getz, Gil Evans, Quincy Jones, Jimmy Smith, Milt Jackson, etc.
Since 1956, there have been more than seventy Kenny Burrell albums, and he’s still going strong. Check out the July 2003 CD release Blue Muse on Concord Jazz.

Kenny Burrell and Kari Nieminen in Westwood Music December 2004

John Hanlon

Hi-End Producer and Engineer from Los Angeles, USA bought Buxom 6 String Acoustic Guitar from
Westwood Music LA in January 2002.
Over 40 years in the business, John has worked in the studio with Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Jackson
Browne, T-Bone Burnette, REM, Gillian Welch and Dennis Wilson, The Beach Boys, among others.


Rock Legend Roger Daltrey ordered a Buxom 6 from Westwood Music, Los Angeles in the spring of 2002. Shown here on Summer Tour 2002 with The WHO.

''What I loved about this guitar when I was first given it is that it makes me want to play - it is got an incredible bell-like quality that makes me sound like a much better player than I actually am.
''And there is something about the quality of the sound that makes me discover more and more the chords and progressions and things I was previously unaware of. It just made me want to play a lot more than I used to. That is the sign of a good guitar.''
--Roger Daltrey


''Over the years I have owned a lot of custom guitars including some baritone guitars. This one, Versoul´s Raya 6 baritone, is absolutely magic.''

Legendary Fusion Jazz guitarist bought a Raya 6 Baritone guitar in September 2000.

Allan Holdsworth with his Raya 6 Baritone

Rudy Perez

One of the major Latin music producers/songwriters in the USA, a five-time Grammy and several ASCAP Award
Winner with 30 Gold and 50 Platinum Records, with artists like Jose Feliciano, Christina Aquilera, Natalie Cole, Beyonce, Luis Miguel, etc.

Rudy bought a Touco Classical Guitar in May 2000 and Touco has used on several sessions during decades, for example Natalie Cole's "Amapola" in 2013.


''Kari you are a true artist, and the sound and beauty of your guitars are in my hands every day. Thanks!”
-Tim Pierce

Top US session guitar player bought a Swan electric acoustic guitar in September 2000. Tim’s credits include Michael Jackson: ''HIStory''/ ''Dangerous,'' Madonna: ''I'm Breathless,'' Bruce Springsteen: ''Human Touch,'' Eric Clapton: ''Runaway Pride,'' Phil Collins: ''Tarzan,'' Elton John, Celine Dion, Joe Cocker, Goo Goo Dolls, etc.


''The sound is very well balanced and rich in harmonics, the bourdons [bass notes] are alive, generous, deep and at the same time brilliant ... flamencos, I would say,''

Words of Amancio Prada, famous Spanish guitarist, singer and composer. Prada has released over 20 solo discs during his long career. He is a proud owner of Versoul´s Touco Classical Guitar.

Terry Britten

Terry Britten, Tina Turner´s producer/songwriter and guitarist in his own right, bought a Swan Electric Acoustic Guitar in July 1999. Terry´s songwriting credits include Tina Turner's "What's Love Got to Do with It" & "We Don't Need Another Hero", Michael Jackson with Stevie Wonder "Just Good Friends" on Bad disc, Celine Dion, Lenny Kravitz, Cliff Richard, among others.


Singer, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist Bernie Leadon, best known from the original 1971-75 lineup of The Eagles and Flying Burrito Brothers before that, bought a Raya 6 Baritone electric guitar from Westwood Music in May 2002.

After appearing on numerous artists’ records through the years (Gram Parsons, Emmylou Harris, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Linda Ronstadt, Stephen Stills, The Jayhawks, et al), Leadon released his second solo album Mirror early in 2004, produced by Ethan Johns (Ryan Adams, Rufus Wainwright, The Jayhawks).
More on Bernie Leadon at:

PK. Keränen

PK Keränen
PK. Keränen of 22 PISTEPIRKKO bought ResoSun 6 Electric Acoustic Resonator Custom Guitar Model in December 2002 and used the instrument regularly after that/since.
PK also bought an early Henry Electric Guitar model in May1996.


Top US session guitarist Michael Landau bought a Raya 6 Baritone electric guitar from Westwood Music, L.A. in March 2003.


The executive producer and head of A&R for Dream Works Records bought Touco Classical and Raya 6 Baritone electric guitars in January 2003 from Westwood Music.
John has produced Michael Jackson, Tom Jones, Janet Jackson, Herb Alpert, Isley Brothers, etc.


Guitarist, composer and multi-instrumentalist Jarmo Saari draws sonic landscapes and multi-layered atmospheres on his adventurous solo act 'Jarmo Saari Solu'.

He improvises with real-time sound processing, creating emotional music and astonishing textures with the electric guitar, human voice or several odd instruments including theremin and glassharp. His unique approach and aesthetics are essential on his solo albums and have enriched the sound of many jazz combos, rock groups, chamber ensembles and big bands. He has performed in 30 countries and is featured on over 100 albums. ''For me music is about love, interaction, adventure, being curious and making choices. As abstract as it may seem music affects us and brings us joy, relief and sense of intuition, our primitive subconsciousness. It's my pleasure and responsibility as an artist is to dig in deeper and reach higher, no matter how difficult or dangerous it seems. I want to think of myself as poet, painter, laboratorian, explorer or medizine man. A craftsman with one foot jammed in soil and the other in outer space.'' (Jarmo Saari)

''Along with the indispensable nature and all its creations, sceneries and creatures I love and respect above all beauty, handmade articles, architecture, works of art, patina, sci-fi vision and instruments with character.

In music and with diverse instruments I seek endlessly for inspiration, foolhardiness, surprise, personal tone and versatility. Versoul guitars represent unique craftmanship, vision, dedication, faith, know-how, attitude, knowledge of the tradition and innovation. My heroes play Versoul and I'm so fortunate to live nearby my designer-craftsman-guru! And... my Raya Baritone is a real killer or mistress, however you like to hear or see it, with no comparison whatsoever!'' http://www.jarmosaari.com


Esa Kuloniemi, a.k.a. ”Blues Minister”, the institutional slide player of Finland, uses a Versoul ResoSun six string electro-acoustic resonator guitar while working with bands like Honey B & T-Bones and Dr. Helander & Third Ward.

Esa and Versoul go way back. In fact, he and his band, Honey B & T-Bones, have used guitars and basses made by Kari Nieminen since the mid ´80’s! In January 1995, when the actual Versoul company was established, Esa joined Kari in his very first trade fair trip to NAMM Show in Anaheim, California as demonstration guitarist and assistant. ”Versoul inspires me. I have always loved the fact that Kari is capable of combining aesthetics and ergonomics in a masterful way.

The sound and design are in balance in these guitars”, says Esa, and adds: ”I do not have much appreciation for builders who merely copy others. Kari of course knows the history of luthiership thoroughly, but has used the 'quiet information' as a basis to create something really unique.” As a long-term user of Versoul guitars Esa also praises the durability of these instruments: ”In our band we have a pre-Versoul bass from 1984 and it’s just getting better and better. These guitars play well and sound good, but on top of that they can really take the road. Plus they look awesome!”



Lauri "Arno" Ankerman

Ankerman uses a Versoul Resosun Gold Label 12-string baritone resonator, fitted with the Rattlenator effect tuned in low E spanish- tuning (B being the lowest string), both with and without a slide.

The instrument is the first production acoustic baritone 12-string and has been custom made to Lauri.
Lauri and his band the Ankermen have made two acclaimed albums and play gigs around Finland. He also hosts a radio show about the history of the blues and has lectured about the blues.

"The sound of the 12-string baritone seems to come right out of my soul. Magical overtones and endless sustain. After I played the prototype I could not eat or sleep before I ordered one custom made for myself. A truly superb instrument. Thank you Kari!"


Geoff Levin bought a Versoul Raya 6 Electric Baritone Guitar in October 1998 in Los Angeles.

Geoff Levin is an American rock musician, film/television composer and songwriter. Performing as part of the Black Mountain Boys with Jerry Garcia in the early years of his career, in 1968. He co-composed and co-produced "The Janitor", an Academy Award-nominated animated short based on a story by Geoffrey Lewis (actor) from the album Celestial Navigations.

Levin has scored over 40 full-length films and has created music used in many TV shows including The Sopranos, Chicago Fire, The Good Wife, Friends, Bloodline, Saturday Night Live, Game of Thrones, Friday Night Lights, CSI, and Weeds. He co-wrote the theme song for Jakers, an Emmy and BAFTA Award-winning PBS animated series.
In addition, he composed music for James Cameron's deep sea documentary.

Henry Kaiser

Widely recognized as one of the most creative and innovative guitarists, improvisers, and producers in
the fields of rock, jazz and experimental music, California-based musician Henry Kaiser ordered the
Electric Solid Body Guitar with special features March 2004 and later on in 2006 he ordered Raya 6
Baritone and Buxom 6 Acoustic to compliment his collection.A bit later he bought a ResoSun 12 String Electric Acoustic Resonator Guitar.
A restless collaborator who constantly seeks the most diverse and personally challenging contexts for
his music, Henry Kaiser has appeared on more than 140 different albums.
See also: http://www.henrykaiserguitar.com/

Crispian Mills

Mayfair Studios, Primrose Hills, London summer 1999. credit: Kari Nieminen

Crispian Mills, Guitarist, singer and songwriter of Kula Shaker at
Mayfair Studios, Primrose Hills, London, summer of 1999.
Crispian bought an early version of Versoul Caspian 12 String Electric Sitar Guitar.


David Baerwald

Songwriter/producer David Baerwald bought a Buxom 6 Acoustic Baritone Guitar from Westwood Music, L.A. in April

  1. David's Buxom has been used on Nickelback's Grammy Award winning disc in 2005 among other recording sessions.
    Baerwald´s artist career spans from the 80´s band David + David to the solo career of his own, and his
    songwriting from Sheryl Crow´s “Tuesday Night Music Club” to OST Moulin Rouge