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Swan 6 String Electric Acoustic Baritone Guitar

How do you reimagine one of the guitar’s most iconic designs? By applying a Versoul hallmark: a respect for tradition coupled with an urge to innovate.

We’ve kept the voluptuous body shape that Eddie Cochran (among others) loved, but we’ve added some bold new touches, starting with Googie-style batwing/boomerang sound holes. Versoul’s uniquely shaped headstock, crowned by a 23-carat leaf gold `midnight sun,’ blends the new and Nordic with a touch of retro chic in Grover Imperial chrome-plated tuners. The top, back, and sides are laminated curly maple. Multiple wood bindings deliver both beauty and strength. Special bracing brings out the instrument’s warm, full acoustic voice. Versoul’s trademark pickups (single coil and humbucker) bring it to life as an electric. The finish is vintage amber-colored nitrocellulose lacquer. The bridge is a Gotoh tuneomatic. The pickguard is tortoise shell, and completing its rebel-rousing potential is a Bigsby vibrato unit. If twang’s your thing, or any of a host of other sounds, Versoul’s Swan sends you soaring with grace and a touch of classy glitz.
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