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“Everything about the Versoul Combo is first-class, including its hand-wired point-to-point construction, blue anodized aluminum chassis, bronze-finished front and back control panels, Finnish spruce cabinet shell, and high-end components, like paper-in-oil resistors… The Versoul delivered a bewitching range of silky cleans and soft compression, with a strong emphasis in the mids courtesy of the alnico speaker… With the gain control turned up, the amp dispensed crystalline bite with a smattering of overdrive for ballsy crunch… The Versoul Combo exhibits versatility both as a home and recording amp, but also packs a great deal of tonal punch for a low-wattage amp… incredibly dynamic and touch- sensitive… ”


It’s the practice amp that will keep you playing, honing your chops and advancing your sound. It’s the perfect recording amp. Performing in an intimate setting? It ‘s got all the punch you’ll need there, and with a terrific tonal range to boot. Looks count, too, and Versoul’s Combo Amp offers a classy appearance that will definitely turn heads. You get a choice of the classic black leather look or, making a unique regional statement, an exterior of Arctic salmon skin. If this amp punches beyond its wattage weight, credit goes in part to the Finnish spruce cabinet shell which both focuses and opens its sound. The timbral palette at your fingertips is impressively broad, starting with the colours offered by the Gain and Tremolo features. Experimenting with a range of preamp tubes will also alter tonal variety, from nuanced jazz warmth to screaming distortion. An abundance of features--Recording Out jack, Extra Speaker jack, etc.--are available for exploration and are detailed in the specifications for this product. Suffice it to say that the Versoul Combo Amp is a highly versatile gem that embodies the loving attention to detail that’s a Versoul hallmark, right down to its hand-pressed and cut corner legs and leather pipings.
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