ZZ Top, Järvenpää Blues Festival, July, Finland

A warm sunny day at back stage with Elwood & Kari with Rev. Willy's Mexican Lottery Brand guitar string packages.
ZZ Top visited Finland briefly and preformed at Järvenpää Blues Festival in 3. July 2010.
ZZ Top was a headliner and the performance was as bluesy and rocking as ever.
The schedule was busy but Billy's guitar technician Elwood Francis kindly arranged the meeting with Billy and Dusty, me and my son Joel.
photos; Joel Nieminen
We enjoyed band's back line hospitality, sun and of course the main gig of the day.
I had built a new version of Raya Blue Light Guitar and Billy immediately liked and purchased Raya and titled his newest Versoul as
Versoul Raya Blue Light Black Beauty.
©Joel Nieminen
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