ZZ Top at Annexet Venue, Globen, Stockholm, Sweden, 24. October 2010.

This was Touko's, my youngest son, first Versoul promotion trip and he was quite excited.
We flew to Arlanda airport and took an express train to Stockholm and headed to our hotel,
which was next to Globen Arena.
Our friend Billy's guitar technician Elwood Francis kindly arranged us VIP passes and we spend nice time
at back stage area and enjoyed ZZ Top's famous hospitality.
After ZZ Top's great performance and show we met Billy at his dressing room.
We had two hours of creative conversations of guitars and music and Touko took several
Next morning when we were at Arlanda airport on the way back to home, luckily
met Billy and Elwood, who were heading to St. Petersburg for the next performance.
What a trip indeed!
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