​New York promotion trip, March 2009

I arrived to NYC on a Thursday night in March, and first found my way to 11 5th Avenue, Apartment 4 H in Greenwich Village. At this address, the great pioneer and visionary Buddy Holly spent the last months of his life before leaving on the fatal winter tour in January 1959.
The next day, I visited old friend Andy Taub's Brooklyn Recording studios once again, and met Steve Jordan, the famous drummer .
The same weekend, Pierre de Beauport had arranged a meeting with the Allman Brothers Band, who had one of their anniversary gigs at the Beacon Theatre. I met Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks, who were very kind and friendly - the only thing lacking was my bag of instruments, as I had only a ResoSun 6 string resonator guitar with me.
My son Joel joined me in NYC, flying in from The Hague, Netherlands. On Sunday, we took a train from Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan to Springfield, Massachusetts. Pierre de Beauport picked us up from the station, and we headed to Greenfield.
We visited Pierre's excellent Library Recording Studios, where we saw some of the most interesting recording equipment and an impressive set of gear. In addition, he showed us aroud the oldest parts of Greenfield, where Europeans settled some centuries ago.
We returned to New York on Tuesday, and Pierre had already arranged us to meet with Lou Reed's guitar technician Stewart Hurwood. We met him at SIR Studios in Manhattan and demonstrated a couple of instruments. Stewart was genuinely impressed by the quality of Versoul.
On Monday, we visited Andy Taub's friend Matt Marinelli of Coral Sound Inc., at the Exile Building in Queens. Matt owns a professional audio service company specializing in system design and installation of recording studios and broadcast facilities. Additionally, Matt operates the Exile Recording Studios in the same building. We were impressed by the massive Exile facilities and gear, while Matt was similarly excited about the Versoul instruments we presented him.
Visiting Buddy Holly's home building in New York.
Waiting Stewart for meeting at S.I.R Studios.
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