New York City promotion trip, August 2008

In August 2008, we travelled to New York City to meet a number of clients and new contacts.
Andy Taub is the proprietor of the fantastic Brooklyn Recording studio, and he had previously acquired a Raya 6 electric guitar. This time we demonstrated other fine Versoul instruments to him, inluding the 12 string Buxom Baritone guitar and the Henry Visa birch top custom electric guitar.
After Brooklyn Recording, we paid a visit to another notable sudio, One East Recording on Manhattan, owned by Matt Wells. More demonstrations were given on the Versoul arsenal.
The next stop was Chelsea Guitars. This is one of the best stores around for finding vintage gear, and the owner, Dan Countenny, is a man as friendly as he is well versed in guitars.
Finally, we met with my old friend Pierre De Beauport, the backline chief of The Rolling Stones, and showed him new kit, such as the Buxom 6 string 12 frets to Body Model, 12 string Buxom Baritone, and the Henry Visa birch top custom electric.
Between all the business and promotions, we had plenty of time to tour the city and see famous landmarks and locations. We even managed to pop down to the Blue Note Jazz club to see Larry Carlton play; Coincidentally, Larry used a Versoul Touco Classic guitar when recording the 2002 album Heartfelt for his group Four Play (songs: Heartfelt, Karma).
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