London promotion trip, April 2008

I met Dave Burrluck, review editor for Guitarist Magazine in London. I wasn't traveling light, though. In my luggage, I had some of the latest Versoul models for review.
The centrepiece of my luggage was a unique Raya Billy F Gibbons Blue Light Special guitar (Guitarist Magazine, issue 304, July 2008).
After the meeting with Dave and other official business, I finally had the chance to meet the great guitar technician Elwood Francis in person. The Black Crowes were playing at Brixton Academy April 9th, and Elwood was working with Rich Robinson.
During his years in the business, Elwood has worked with Billy F Gibbons and Steve Vai among others, and we had been in contact for numerous years. I had waited a long time to finally meety him in person, as Elwood has been an instrumental contact for Versoul, and he's partially to blame for the circumstances that lead to developing the Blue Light Special.
Kari and Dave Burrluck
ELwood Francis and Kari heading heading to back stage at Brixton Academy.
Seeing gear with Elwood during the sound check.
Kari with Rich and Chris Robinson.
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