The Rolling Stones at the Olympic Stadium, Helsinki, Finland

The Rolling Stones were performing at the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki on August 1 2007.
Pierre De Beauport, the back line chief of the band, visited Versoul workshop two days before the show. I lectured him on the materials and process of building Versoul instruments, and we sampled a number of guitars.
Pierre invited me and my sons to the venue where the band was going to play. At the venue, we discovered an amazing amount of backline gear and a ridiculous number of guitars. We stayed for the soundcheck and got to visit the dressing rooms as well, where we bumped into Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts. Needless to say, we spent an incredible afternoon at the stadium.
Pierre was kind enough to arrange a bunch of extra VIP tickets, and my whole family got to see the show. The show was splendid, but the most rewarding thing for me was to see and hear Ronnie play his Custom Versoul Blue Lite guitar on several tunes.

At the soundcheck on the moving stage.

Kari taking measurements for making a pair of ten strings.
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