Pori Jazz Festival, Finland

In July 2006, I contacted my old friend, session musician, guitarist and composer Lyle Workman who was playing in Sting’s tour band, and we arranged to meet at the Pori Jazz Festival.
At the festival, we sat down with Dominic Miller, Sting's long-time guitar player. We had a great time at the backstage area, and Lyle, Dominic and drummer Abe Laboriel Junior were all impressed by the Versoul guitars I had brought along.
After trying my Buxom 6 string Steel string Baritone, Dominic asked if I happened to make a classical Baritone, as well. I told him there shouldn't be any problem in making one, if I only could source the correct type of strings. Right after returning home, I found out that a US company was manufacturing Labella brand special gauge sets, which would suit a Classical Baritone concept very well.
This is what's always going on at the heart of Versoul; a direct conversation with the musicians is the greatest source of new ideas, concepts and inspiration.
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