Kari Nieminen has carefully studied traditional electric pickups and has focused on the passive side of the field.
VERSOUL ELECTRO-MAGNETIC PICKUPS are based on many years of research and development.
The basic concept was to create a pickup with it's own distinctive sound and look. Each pickup is handmade; even the single coil model's bobbing is handmade and the brass cover is hand punched and chrome or gold plated.
The SINGLE COIL MODEL has a clear, fat, warm and exceptionally dynamic sound. It has good distortion when played at higher volume levels.
The HUMBUCKER MODEL (two coils) has a brighter and clearer sound than the traditional humbucker units. The Versoul humbucker has a bell-like ringing tone with a warm and dynamic response. Also this model has a very musical tone and attack at any volume level; distorted or clear.
Versoul recommend SCHERTLER acoustic tranducers and preamps.
Both models have the same size cover which has distinctive design; electric razor style cover.



With a new kind of neckjoint it is easier to play on the upper frets and string vibrations are transferred more effectively between the neck and body.
Sonically Versoul's neck joints are superior to the more traditional methods. The Versoul joint produces a dynamic and even sound with long sustain.


The Touco model's innovative peghead design allows one to change strings easily and quickly. There is more room for fingers and each tuning key is equipped with a thumb screw for locking the string.
Touco model's modified Gotoh tuners are equipped with beautiful handmade rosewood tuning buttons.


Moose shinbone is used for Versoul instruments nut and saddle.
Finnish moose bone has a vintage style color: a bit yellowish and light brown. Also the material often has very attractive color changes producing three dimensional patina when the bone is polished.
Sonically, moose shinbone has excellent sound properties. Being a very hard material it creates a very rich and resonant sound.
Recommended optional custom feature:
Water Buffalo or Fossil Walrus Ivory bridge pins, end straps buttons made by FIK Fossil Walrus Ivory.

Precious leaf metals


Each of Versoul's acoustic or electric acoustic instruments are classified by three categories of labels. Labels are made of precious leaf metals indicating their category and signed and dated by Kari Nieminen.
1. Silver label - High Quality
2. Gold label - Premium Quality
3. Platinum label - Surpreme Quality


Kari Nieminen has developed a unique leaf metal covering method producing an exceptionally beautiful , three dimensional surface.
This reminds one of the richly guilded frames on old paintings.
The standard leaf metal finish is 23 carat gold but a Platinum/Palladium or a silver leaf finish is also available.


Versoul also uses precious leaf metals on the instrument's decorations in a unique way.
The rosette is made from 23 carat gold leaf and various wood veneers, creating a great 3 dimensional appearance.
Headstock and body decorations: position marks on the side of the fingerboard are one of Versoul's trademarks, reminiscent of artistic brush slashes.
On the headstock you can find a symbolic golden Sun or Moon motif.


All Versoul instruments are made in a humidity controlled workshop (50% relative humidity).
Precut woods are purchased from traditional suppliers in Germany, Spain and the USA, including woods like:
  • European spruce
  • Red cedar
  • European and American regular and curly maple
  • East Indian rosewood
In addition, Finnish alder, aspen and spruce are used for acoustic, solid body electric guitar, baritone and electric acoustic bass body material. Finnish alder has an especially responsive sound quality, superior to its American cousin. It produces clear and freely resonating balanced bass, middle and treble ranges.
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