Shaman Raya

Shaman Raya.
This guitar has some special Finnish features.
The artistic gold leaf and shell figures on guitar concerned are inspired by pre historic Finnish rock paintings, which are are dated from circa 4500-7000 years ago.
The most important figure on pre historic cultures in Northern hemisphere was a shaman, who was a link between the spiritual world and a man.
Here the shaman has a special two pointed hat as found on rock painting from Northern Finland.
Shaman was also a ceremonial master and here are included dancing tribe members on background on both sides of Raya's body.
The link between the man and the nature was very important and moose figure on back side of the body symbols that.
Regarding the materials:
The theme of the materials is Finland.
The fingerboard is made of very special material; lilac, which is very hard wood. The colour has interesting hues, from light to dark brown with purple stripes.
Also the pot and switch knobs are made of lilac.
These lilac trees were cut from an old grave yard in Helsinki a few years ago and located in special section where are the most important Finnish people are buried.
The lilac concerned were planted in 1951, the same year than Carl Custaf Mannerheim, the most famous Marshal and President of all time in Finland was buried right next to these lilacs.
A few years ago local parish harvested a few trees and my friend is a gardener there and gave me the rare material.
The top is made of book matched Visa Birch, another rare and desirable wood and coloured and finished in mystic dark brown/black.
The back is made of book matched Curly Birch and prepared with the same finishing.
The body is heavily chambered.
The neck is made of Finnish Aspen and Curly Maple with Visa Birch head stock veneer and finished with a mystic dark brown/black.
Raya is equipped with two Versoul humbuckers and has chrome plated hardware. Special bronze alloy frets. Wooden bindings and purflings.
Also guitar's nut is made of genuine wild moose's shin bone.
Shaman Raya has very special Open Spiritual Tone, the emerged Mojo from ancient times.
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