Raya 4 Octave Mandolin

Raya 4 Electric Octave Mandolin

This special custom instrument was designed and built for the Finnish violinist and conductor Pekka Kuusisto, in June 2006.
The instrument is based on my Raya design and I call it an octave mandolin, because of the scale length and tuning: G, D, E, A.
The body shape and headstock are scaled down versions of the Raya guitar.
In addition to the custom body, I built two custom Versoul stacked coil magnetic pickups with custom covers for this instrument. The vibrato bridge is modified from a Gotoh Stratocaster type unit for four strings.
The original #1 Raya 4 Octave Mandolin was stolen soon after Pekka Kuusisto received it. He immediately ordered a replacement instrument, which I built in August 2006. However instrument #1 was found and returned back to Pekka Kuusisto later in autumn 2006.
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