Raya Billy F Gibbons Blue Light Special

Raya Billy F Gibbons Blue Light Special
During my NAMM Show trip to Anaheim in January 2006 I bought a splendid book from Billy F Gibbons, Rock & Roll Gearhead.
When I was flying back to home and looking through the pages of book,
I started to think what would be my design for Billy, who has been one of my favourite guitar players since mid 1970's.
Somewhere over Atlantic ocean the idea of blue light struck into my mind. Immediately after my return, I completed the custom design for #1 Blue Light Model, which is based on my Raya electric guitar. The blue, cast glass lenses on both sides of the body have LED lights on the inside, and when the guitar is plugged in the lights are switched on. The sides are made of chrome plated perforated steel. The solid alder body and headstock are covered in gold leaf.
A couple of months after I finished the #1 Blue Light, Elwood Francis, Billy's long time guitar tech contacted me. He passed some images of the instrument to Billy. Billy got excited and bought the #1 Blue Light.
After receiving the guitar, he ordered two more custom versions with chambered bodies with extra inlays and necks completely covered in gold leaf.
Billy was pleased with the design and decided to title the model Versoul Raya Billy F Gibbons Blue Light Special.


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