Lauri ''Arno'' Ankerman

Lauri ''Arno'' Ankerman uses a Versoul Resosun Gold Label 12-string Baritone Resonator, fitted with the Rattlenator effect tuned in low E spanish- tuning (B being the lowest string), both with and without a slide. The instrument is the first production Acoustic Baritone 12-string Resonator Guitar and has been custom made to Lauri. Lauri and his band the Ankermen have made two acclaimed albums and play gigs around Finland. He also hosts a radio show about the history of the blues and has lectured about the blues.
''The sound of the 12-string Baritone seems to come right out of my soul.
Magical overtones and endless sustain. After I played the prototype I could not eat
or sleep before I ordered one custom made for myself.
A truly superb instrument. Thank you Kari!''
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