Jarmo Saari

Guitarist, composer and multi-instrumentalist Jarmo Saari draws sonic landscapes and multi-layered atmospheres on his adventurous solo act 'Jarmo Saari Solu'.
He improvises with real-time sound processing, creating emotional music and astonishing textures with the electric guitar, human voice or several odd instruments including theremin and glassharp.
His unique approach and aesthetics are essential on his solo albums and have enriched the sound of many jazz combos, rock groups, chamber ensembles and big bands.
He has performed in 30 countries and is featured on over 100 albums.
''For me music is about love, interaction, adventure, being curious and making choices. As abstract as it may seem music affects us and brings us joy, relief and sense of intuition, our primitive subconsciousness. It's my pleasure and responsibility as an artist is to dig in deeper and reach higher, no matter how difficult or dangerous it seems. I want to think of myself as poet, painter, laboratorian, explorer or medizine man. A craftsman with one foot jammed in soil and the other in outer space.'' (Jarmo Saari)
''Along with the indispensable nature and all its creations, sceneries and creatures I love and respect above all beauty, handmade articles, architecture, works of art, patina, sci-fi vision and instruments with character. In music and with diverse instruments I seek endlessly for inspiration, foolhardiness, surprise, personal tone and versatility. Versoul guitars represent unique craftmanship, vision, dedication, faith, know-how, attitude, knowledge of the tradition and innovation. My heroes play Versoul and I'm so fortunate to live nearby my designer-craftsman-guru! And... my Raya Baritone is a real killer or mistress, however you like to hear or see it, with no comparison whatsoever!''
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